Top 15 Apps for A Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Apps for A Zero-Waste Lifestyle

The “Top 15 Apps for a Zero-Waste Lifestyle” in this blog aims to help you cut down on wasting valuable resources. They promote sustainability and are essential in preventing vital resources from getting wasted or depleted. Whether it is discouraging the disposal of food leftovers or misuse of water, these apps will assist you in achieving a zero-waste lifestyle.

According to Statista, there are alarming levels of waste being generated globally. It is estimated that by 2050, the amount of waste generated globally will rise to approximately 3.4 billion metric tons. This increment will represent a spike of a shocking 70%. Further statistics also show that there are approximately 931 million metric tons of food waste globally. These grim statistics make the adoption of a zero-waste lifestyle even more essential. 

A zero-waste lifestyle will help in reducing the money that is wasted when food is disposed of. It will also help reduce the high levels of global warming resulting from methane emitted by disposing of food. 

The Top 10 Apps for a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

1. Quench

Quench is a water refill app that will direct you to all the water bottle refill stations near you. Quench has more than 1800 water refill stations in its database. This guarantees that you will always find a refill water station when you need one.

Quench will prevent you from converting your water bottle into a single-use water bottle because you just refill and drink. It also ensures constant access to water and prevents waste of disposed water bottles due to inaccessibility to water sources. 

2. Flash Food

Flash Food is a platform that seeks to abolish the wastage of food. It links Canadians living in Toronto to grocery stores that list meal items almost expired at a discount. The list of grocery stores in the program is in Flash Food’s database. This app promotes a Zero-Waste Lifestyle by saving the wastage of meals in listed grocery stores.

Those who want to enjoy the discounted food prices have to make their orders on the app. Flash Food has a very efficient food delivery system that allows customers to receive their food on the same day they make their orders. 

This approach addresses the billions of tons of food that are estimated to be wasted every year. Unfortunately, when food is disposed of onto the land, it emits high amounts of methane gas, contributing to global warming.

3. is a reminder app that frequently reminds you of the food stock in your refrigerator to reduce the chances that it will go to waste. It does this in the order of which particular food is likely to ‘perish’ faster than the others. will also offer you suggestions of the possible recipes you can try to use the food in your inventory.

The app is, therefore, very effective in curbing the amount of food that is disposed of. helps to avoid the wastage of food that emits harmful methane gas into the atmosphere.

4. Bunz: The City Network Bunz

The City Network is the ultimate ‘barter trade’ platform. The app is a marketplace that allows people to interact with fellow customers and trade items instead of tossing them away. In addition, you do not have to spend extra to buy new items.

On the Bunz: The City Network app, there is a search bar to type in whatever item you need. For example, if you need a foldable chair, you can type in the phrase “foldable chair,” and foldable chairs offered by people nearby will be displayed.

The search feature has an “ISO” option that means “In Search Of.” Clicking this option displays a section where users post items that they need. The posts here display essential information like the location of the person offering an item, its description, and its image.

If you wish to trade, you just have to click the “make an offer” button on the post you like. Doing so initiates a chat that offers you an avenue to discuss the trade-in in detail. Then, to post the item you wish to trade, just click on the plus (+) sign found at the bottom right corner. The window that pops up will allow you to add an image of the item you want to trade and accompany it with a brief description.

5. Peerby

Peerby is a unique, exciting app. It lets you ‘borrow’ items from other people at a fee. Often, you may wish to get items that you do not want to buy but use for a limited period. This practice minimizes unnecessary spending on things you do not wish to own or use often.

For example, if you want to go on a fishing expedition once in a long while, buying fishing gear is a waste of money. The better option is to borrow the fishing gear from other people on the platform for use on the weekend.

6. Bulk Locator

Bulk Locator provides you with information about where all the bulk stores in the United States or Canada are located. Bulk Locator not only displays all the best bulk stores but also all the available items they have.

The bulk stores will also show you how to prepare the different types of food in bulk. Knowing the best ways to prepare the food you have in your inventory will help you cut down on waste. Problematic scenarios that may cause a lot of food to be unnecessarily be disposed of, like using the wrong recipes, or overcooking your food, are avoided with this app.

7. The Freecycle Network

Freecycle Network is a platform that allows individuals to post items that they may no longer find valuable but may be essential for another person. It lets users buy valuable second-hand items from other users who no longer need a specific item. The buyer can then buy this item from the seller at discounted prices.

Freecycle Network also posts items listed for free. People can therefore save a lot of money they would have spent on new purchases. 

8. Farmstand

Farmstand displays all the Farmers Markets that are nearby. It includes information about their location and the time and date of their events. This app will help you to take advantage of the best fresh food deals they have to offer. The app will also help you shop for the healthiest and best food products available in the Farmers Markets. 

The proximity of the Farmers Markets is also displayed on the Farmstand app to ensure that minimal resources were used in transporting food products to you.

9. Olio

Olio is a great platform to assist in sharing surplus food and household items for free to avoid waste. Research by UNEP shows that approximately a third of all the food produced globally ends up in waste bins or litter.

If you have surplus food, you can take a picture of it and post it on Olio. You’ll then share the details of where interested parties wish to pick up the food you have posted.

However, surplus food items are not the only thing that Olio will allow you to share.

The app also displays household items that fellow users wish to give away. If you find an item you like, reach out to the person offering that item and agree on where and when to pick it.

10. Cozzo

Cozzo will assist you in putting all the food stock you have in your refrigerator to good use. In addition, the app will help you to organize your pantry and refrigerator.

Cozzo can also double up as a grocery planner. It will always keep you updated on essential information, such as the expiry dates of the food that you have to use before it perishes.

Cozzo comes with a real-time update feature that lets you include up to ten of your relatives to allow you to practice the zero-waste lifestyle venture jointly. In addition, since your details are found in Cozzo’s database, if a family member shops for food, it adds to your inventory, reflecting immediately on the Cozzo app.

A recipe finder is another great feature that will provide you with all the best possible recipes you can prepare with the food you have on your inventory. By constantly keeping you informed of your food inventory level, Cozzo puts you at lesser risk of overbuying and eventual wastage.

11. ShareWaste

ShareWaste supports the proper disposal of food scrap. If you want to compost food scraps from your home but lack the compost bins, ShareWaste is the right app to help you address that dilemma.   

It will provide you with essential information regarding all the compost bins that are around your neighborhood. You can therefore carry your food scraps to the compost site and compost them.

This convenience it provides is also valuable to travelers on the road. Often, travelers find themselves in a situation where they have tons of food scrap but do not know where to dispose of it responsibly. ShareWaste will display all the compost bins or pits near their locations to properly dispose of their food scraps.

The person who wishes to compost their food scraps is referred to as the donor. On the other hand, the person offering a compost bin is called the host. ShareWaste allows hosts to display their compost bins so that donors can compost their food scraps easily.

By encouraging responsible disposal of food waste, ShareWaste greatly contributes to the motto of a Zero-Waste Lifestyle.

12. PaperKarma

PaperKarma is essentially a junk mail manager. It will assist you in managing paper waste through unsubscribing from potential contributors of paper waste. PaperKarma will shoulder the load of handling all the activities involved in unsubscribing you from magazines, catalogs, and coupon offers, etc.

PaperKarma acts as your assistant and will communicate with magazines, companies offering you coupon offers, firms offering you credit offers, etc. It does this to allow you to get unsubscribed from their offerings. In addition, PaperKarma has filtering capabilities that allow you to unsubscribe from all the subscriptions that you do not need while retaining those you find helpful.

The app is very fast and will process your request to get unsubscribed from various offerings within a day. Getting unsubscribed from subscriptions you do not need significantly reduces potential paper waste that would otherwise find its way onto the environment.

13. Forest

Forest contributes to the Zero-Waste Lifestyle discourse by assisting you in minimizing the amount of time you waste on electronic gadgets such as mobile phones. In addition, the app offers its users the opportunity to earn credits when they do not use their phones constantly.

Forest offers a creative way to put these earned credits to good use. It provides the chance to plant trees using these credits anywhere in the world. This is possible through Forest’s collaboration with Trees for the Future entity.

Forest is also great when it comes to managing your time effectively.

It helps you to develop good time management skills through the practice of planting virtual trees. The virtual tree planting requires that you stay on the app, ‘nurture’ it, and see it grow. Exiting the app will make the tree die.

All this is intended to help you minimize the likelihood that your attention will drift toward frivolous activities and waste valuable time.

14. #Climate

#Climate is effective at conveying the most valuable information regarding changes in global climate. It is a powerful tool that can create a massive awareness of the issues that affect our climate. It can also work very well for those who have a decent social media presence.

You can use #Climate to communicate updates and emerging issues regarding the contentious topic of climate change. In addition, the #Climate app lets its users share news about other environmental topics.

#Climate gives you the enviable opportunity to determine how often you want your news to be shared with your followers. This allows you to monitor how your followers react to the environmental issues that you post about. Furthermore, the fact that #Climate can link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts means you have a lot of power and influence to initiate change essential in addressing climate change.


Poshmark provides you with great deals on second-hand clothes. The app addresses two potential problems simultaneously.

It allows its users to cut down on expenses they would have otherwise incurred in buying new clothes. However, with Poshmark, they stand a chance of getting the clothes they need from other users on the platform at great prices.

The app allows you to browse through many offers depending on your budget, the color and design of the clothes you desire, the material, and the clothes’ brand. In addition, Poshmark has an impressive notification feature whose objective is to alert you whenever clothes you have expressed an interest in have significant and attractive price reductions.

Poshmark also offers its users a bundle feature where you can purchase several outfits as a bundle. These make it possible to take advantage of competitive prices.

Why You Should Install These Apps for A Zero-Waste Lifestyle

The primary purpose of these and many other apps is to help you put your resources to efficient use. The benefits you will get upon installing them include:

1. Managing your time efficiently becomes easy.

You can therefore divert more time to more urgent matters. Forest will help you do this by encouraging you to spend less time on your mobile phones.

2. You will save a lot of food that would otherwise be wasted.

Apps such as Flash Food and allow you to monitor food at your disposal and use it before it perishes.

3. They contribute to a reduction in global warming.

Apps like ShareWaste will assist you in disposing of food properly and minimizing methane emissions resulting from the disposed of food. The absence of methane means a reduction in global warming.  


Our Top 15 apps for a Zero-Waste Lifestyle all have a common objective: to cut down on waste, guarantee efficient utilization of resources and promote sustainability. Some like Poshmark will give you access to second-hand clothes which users sell at discounted prices. Others like ShareWaste advocate better food disposal by offering its users’ compost bins to dispose of their food scraps.

Essentially, these apps will help us reduce the wastage of food, water, time, and other essential resources. So, select the most suitable app from our list, install it, and enjoy a more fulfilling, Zero-Waste Lifestyle!

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