The Ultimate Guide to the Best Zero Waste Hand Soap

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Are you tired of contributing to waste with every squeeze of hand soap? Traditional soaps can harm both our skin and the environment due to plastic packaging and synthetic ingredients.

This ultimate guide will introduce you to a solution: zero-waste hand soaps—gentle on your skin and kinder to the planet. Curious yet? Let’s dive into a cleaner world!”.

Key Takeaways

  • Zero-waste hand soap refers to environmentally friendly soaps that do not create any waste in their production, use, or disposal.
  • Regular hand soaps contribute to environmental damage through plastic packaging and synthetic ingredients, which harm aquatic life and pollute water systems.
  • Top zero waste hand soap brands include Blueland, Ecoroots, Plaine Products, Grove Collaborative, Etee, Tiny Yellow Bungalow, and Soap Distillery.
  • Blueland offers eco-friendly hand soap tablets with reusable glass bottles for reduced plastic waste. Ethique Concentrates provides sustainable soap bars eliminating the need for plastic bottles entirely. Plaine Products offers returnable aluminum bottles as a zero-waste solution.

What is Zero Waste Hand Soap?

Zero Waste Hand Soap refers to a type of soap that is environmentally friendly and doesn’t create any waste in its production, use, or disposal.

Understanding the concept of zero waste

The concept of zero waste is a philosophy centered around the sustainable management of resources. It revolves around the idea of eliminating waste, not by simply throwing things away in a responsible manner but rather by preventing it from being created in the first place.

This strategic approach aims to reduce, reuse and recycle materials wherever feasible, ultimately aiming for no trash to be sent to landfills or incinerators. From an environmental perspective, this method greatly reduces our carbon footprint and contributes significantly towards the preservation of natural resources.

In essence, adopting a zero-waste lifestyle means shifting paradigms from our conventional throw-away culture towards more conscious consumerism where we mindfully choose sustainably packaged products like Blueland’s zero-waste hand soap tablets over traditionally packed liquid soaps that often end up polluting waterways when unrecyclable plastic gets discarded irresponsibly after a single use.

Why Choose Zero Waste Hand Soap?

Choosing zero-waste hand soap is a simple yet impactful way to reduce your environmental footprint and promote sustainability. Make the switch today and discover the benefits of eco-friendly suds for yourself.

Read more to find out about our top picks for the best zero-waste hand soap brands!

The environmental impact of regular hand soap

Regular hand soap often causes unseen damage to our environment. One of the primary issues lies in their packaging, typically made of mixed materials that complicate recycling processes and result in an alarming amount of plastic waste.

Additionally, synthetic ingredients frequently found in conventional hand soaps pose a significant threat to aquatic life when washed down our drains, contaminating water systems with harmful substances.

The compounds can potentially alter natural ecosystems and threaten countless species of animals.

Increased handwashing in recent times has amplified this environmental problem significantly. It’s not only the packaging but also the water usage associated with liquid soap production that contributes to its substantial eco-footprint.

Each step, from extraction to manufacture and disposal, has an impact on our planet’s resources, making it clear why switching over to zero-waste alternatives such as eco-friendly foaming hand soap is truly beneficial for maintaining a healthy environment.

Top Zero Waste Hand Soap Brands

Navigating the world of sustainable hand soaps can be a complex task, but these brands stand out in their commitment to environment-friendly practices:

  • Blueland: Known for their refillable glass bottles and foaming hand soap tablets, Blueland offers a zero-waste solution with plant-based ingredients. Their innovative approach maximizes sustainability and minimizes plastic waste.
  • Ecoroots: This brand is notable for its organic and vegan soap bars that come packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes. Ecoroots integrates eco-conscious values into every aspect of its products, promoting both healthy skin and a healthy planet.
  • Plaine Products: With sustainable metal packaging that supports free refills, Plaine Products demonstrates an admirable dedication to zero-waste principles. Offering high-quality hand soap in reusable containers helps cut down on unnecessary waste.
  • Grove Collaborative: Supplying gel refills in metal bottles along with glass and metal dispensers, Grove Collaborative stands out as a key player in zero-waste hand soaps. They ensure their product materials are not just functional but also earth-friendly.
  • Etee: Standing apart from most other brands, Etee provides concentrated foaming hand soap with compostable refill pods – an innovative approach that significantly reduces waste generation.
  • Tiny Yellow Bungalow: They offer a novel dissolvable paste bar that metamorphoses into liquid soap – this creative solution minimizes packaging while still delivering quality cleansing power.
  • Soap Distillery: This brand earns recognition for its thoughtfully selected ingredients and commitment to packaging options for both bar and liquid soaps. From creation to packaging, Soap Distillery maintains an unwavering focus on sustainability.

Blueland: Eco-Friendly Hand Soap Tablets

Blueland zero waste hand soap

Blueland offers a unique solution to eco-friendly hand soap with its zero-waste tablets. Discover the features, pros, and cons of Blueland’s innovative approach to sustainable suds.

Features & Description (Blueland)

Blueland offers a revolutionary approach to zero waste hand soap with their eco-friendly hand soap tablets. These tablets are specifically designed to eliminate the need for traditional liquid soap bottles, reducing plastic waste and environmental impact.

The tablets come in a variety of enticing scents and are gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. Blueland is committed to sustainability and has achieved certifications as a Certified B Corp and Climate Neutral Certified company.

With their reusable glass bottles and biodegradable tablets, Blueland is leading the way in creating a more sustainable future for hand washing.

Pros & Cons (Blueland)

When evaluating zero-waste hand soaps, it’s crucial to consider both the advantages and disadvantages. Blueland, in particular, has several notable benefits and drawbacks.

Blueland’s foaming hand soap tablets come in several scents, providing options for different preferences.Blueland’s hand soap is in tablet format, and some consumers may prefer traditional liquid soap.
Blueland offers eco-friendly, reusable glass bottles, contributing to the reduction of single-use plastic waste.It requires a one-time purchase of a reusable glass bottle, which some may see as an initial investment.
The hand soap tablets are gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free, appealing to consumers with these specific needs.The need to dissolve the tablet can be a little time-consuming compared to traditional liquid soap.
Blueland is a Certified B Corp and Climate Neutral Certified, ensuring high standards of social and environmental performance.People unfamiliar with the zero-waste lifestyle may need time to adapt to the new way of using hand soap.

Ethique Concentrates: Sustainable Soap Bars

Ethique zero waste hand soap

Ethique Concentrates offer sustainable soap bars made with natural and eco-friendly ingredients. Discover why these soap bars are a great choice for reducing waste and caring for your skin.

Read more to find out why Ethique is leading the way in sustainable personal care products.

Features & Description (Ethique Concentrates)

Ethique Concentrates is a leading brand in the world of sustainable hand soaps. Their natural powdered soap concentrates are designed with transparency and ethical production practices in mind.

Based in New Zealand, Ethique Concentrates sources its ingredients locally, fostering direct relationships with farmers, manufacturers, and suppliers. As a Certified B Corp, they are committed to offsetting carbon emissions and donating 2% of sales to charity.

What sets Ethique Concentrates apart is their dedication to zero-waste solutions – their soap bars eliminate the need for plastic bottles entirely. Made with gentle, natural ingredients, these bars are safe for both your skin and the environment.

With minimal packaging that promotes sustainability and 30% less water used during manufacturing than liquid soaps, using Ethique Concentrates’ soap bars helps reduce plastic waste while maintaining effectiveness.

Pros & Cons (Ethique Concentrates)

Ethique Concentrates is a sustainable hand soap brand known for its eco-friendly, zero-waste soap bars. However, like every product, it comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look.

Ethique Concentrates offer natural, sustainable hand soap that is eco-friendly and zero waste.The powdered form may not be ideal for those who prefer traditional liquid soaps.
These soaps have a lower environmental impact, using 30% less water in their manufacturing process compared to liquid soaps.Can be slightly more expensive than conventional hand soaps.
The brand supports ethical trading directly with local farmers, manufacturers, and suppliers.Availability might be an issue in some regions.
Their soaps are available in minimal, recyclable packaging and refillable dispensers.The process of refilling powdered soap can be messy for some users.

Weighing the pros and cons, Ethique Concentrates certainly sets a high bar for sustainable hand soap options. Despite a few drawbacks, its commitment to the environment and ethical trading practices stand out, offering consumers an alternative to traditional hand soaps, which are not doing our planet any favors.

Plaine Products: Hand Soap in Returnable Aluminum Bottles

Plaine Products zero waste hand soap

Plaine Products offers hand soap in returnable aluminum bottles, providing a sustainable and zero-waste solution for your handwashing needs. Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles and hello to eco-friendly alternatives.

Discover more about Plaine Products’ innovative approach by reading the full blog post.

Features & Description (Plaine Products)

Plaine Products offers an innovative solution to eco-conscious consumers with their refillable zero-waste liquid hand soap. The hand soap comes in returnable aluminum bottles, eliminating the need for single-use plastic containers.

Made with organic aloe extract, coconut and safflower seed oil, and algae and Irish moss extracts, the soap is packed with nourishing ingredients that are gentle on your skin. Plaine Products’ commitment to sustainability extends beyond their packaging – their hand soap is silicone, palm oil, and sulfate-free.

With refreshing scents like Rosemary, Mint Vanilla, and Citrus Lavender, Plaine Products’ hand soap will leave your hands feeling clean and invigorated while minimizing your environmental impact.

Pros & Cons (Plaine Products)

No matter how great a product may be, it comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a look into the pros and cons of Plaine Products’ hand soap:

Plaine Products’ hand soap comes in returnable aluminum bottles. This promotes the reduction of single-use plastic waste.Aluminum bottles may not be as sturdy as plastic ones; they can dent or scratch more easily.
The hand soap is made with gentle, natural ingredients. It is free from harmful additives, making it safe for all skin types.The initial cost of hand soap might be higher than regular soaps due to the sustainable packaging and high-quality ingredients.
They offer a refill program where customers can send back empty bottles to be refilled. This encourages the reuse of their packaging, contributing to a circular economy.Some consumers might find the process of returning the bottles inconvenient or time-consuming.
Choosing Plaine Products contributes to reducing plastic pollution and waste, aligning with the principles of zero waste.While the company promotes sustainability, some users might prefer a wider range of scent options.
The refill program makes sustainable choices more accessible and affordable, reducing the need for new packaging materials.There might be a learning curve for first-time users in transitioning to zero-waste products.

It’s clear that the benefits of Plaine Products go beyond just clean hands – it’s an investment in reducing environmental impact as well.

Etee: Handmade Soap Bars

Etee zero waste hand soap

Etee offers handmade soap bars that are crafted with natural ingredients and sustainable practices. These eco-friendly soaps provide a luxurious lather without the use of synthetic fragrances or artificial dyes.

Discover more about Etee’s commitment to zero waste and its range of refreshing scents by reading on!

Features & Description (Etee)

Etee is a brand that takes zero waste to the next level with its sustainable handmade soap bars. These soap bars are made with natural ingredients and come in minimal packaging, making them gentle on the environment.

What sets Etee apart is its long-lasting formula, which means you won’t have to replace your soap as often, reducing waste even further. Plus, Etee’s bars are free from harmful dyes and additives, making them a safer choice for both you and the planet.

With 30% less water used in their production process compared to liquid soaps, Etee is committed to being green at every step. And when it comes time for a refill, they’ve got you covered with compostable pods that eliminate single-use plastic waste.

Choose Etee for a truly sustainable handwashing experience that leaves no trace behind.

Pros & Cons (Etee)

Etee’s sustainable, zero-waste model for hand soap has a number of advantages and disadvantages which we will explore now.

Etee’s hand soap is long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent purchases.As a New Zealand-based company, shipping times and costs could be higher for international customers.
The soap concentrate, packed in a ‘backyard compostable’ wax pod, eliminates the need for plastic bottles.The wax pod packaging may not be as sturdy or convenient as traditional soap containers.
This hand soap is formulated with just four botanical extracts for a sulfate-free clean.Those with certain skin sensitivities may react to the botanical extracts.
Etee’s Lemongrass Hand Soap Concentrate is free from harmful ingredients such as sulfates, SLS, phthalates, sulfites, synthetics, and colorants.The lemongrass scent might not be preferred by all consumers.

In addition to hand soap, Etee offers other eco-friendly products, such as organic cotton face masks, plastic-free dishwashing options, and bamboo toothbrushes with replaceable heads. However, the company may not offer as wide a range of products as larger, more established brands.

Alpine Provisions: Organic Hand Soap

Alpine Provisions zero waste hand soap

Alpine Provisions offers organic hand soap made with plant-based ingredients for a refreshing and sustainable cleanse. Discover their range of invigorating scents and skin-nourishing properties that will leave you feeling clean and guilt-free.

Dive into the details and find out why Alpine Provisions is a top choice for eco-conscious consumers seeking high-quality hand soaps.”.

Features & Description (Alpine Provisions)

Alpine Provisions is a zero-waste hand soap brand that takes sustainability seriously. Their organic hand soaps are packaged in recyclable aluminum containers, making them an eco-friendly choice for conscientious consumers.

Not only do they prioritize the use of natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin, but they also offer reusable pump options to further minimize waste. With a range of enticing scents and formulations available, Alpine Provisions provides high-quality products that not only benefit consumers but also contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.

By choosing Alpine Provisions, you can enjoy clean hands while reducing your carbon footprint.

Pros & Cons (Alpine Provisions)

The Alpine Provisions Hand Soap is a wonderful eco-friendly option, but it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons to decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Alpine Provisions uses recyclable aluminum packaging, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.Although eco-friendly, aluminum packaging may not be as durable as traditional plastic containers.
Alpine Provisions offers reusable pump options, adding to its sustainability value.The reusable pump may require an initial higher expenditure, though it’s cost-effective in the long run.
The brand uses organic ingredients, aligning with its commitment to environmental responsibility.Organic ingredients may sometimes lead to a higher product price compared to conventional soaps.
Their hand soap is not just environmentally friendly but also nourishes and soothes the skin.Some consumers may find the natural scents of the soap different from the conventional soaps they’re accustomed to.


In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best zero-waste hand soap, there are plenty of eco-friendly options available. Brands like Blueland, Ethique Concentrates, Plaine Products, and Etee offer innovative solutions that eliminate plastic waste while still delivering effective cleaning power.

By choosing these sustainable suds, you can make a positive impact on both your skin and the environment. Join the zero waste movement and enjoy clean hands with a clear conscience!

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1. What is zero waste hand soap?

Zero waste hand soap refers to a type of soap that is designed to minimize or eliminate waste throughout its entire lifecycle, from production to disposal. This includes using sustainable and biodegradable ingredients, packaging materials that can be recycled or composted, and reducing overall environmental impact.

2. How do I choose the best zero waste hand soap?

When choosing the best zero-waste hand soap, look for products that are made with natural and organic ingredients, free from harmful chemicals such as sulfates and parabens. Additionally, consider the packaging – opt for refillable options or bars instead of liquid soaps in single-use plastic bottles.

3. Is zero waste hand soap effective in cleaning hands?

Yes, zero-waste hand soaps are just as effective in cleaning hands as traditional soaps. They are formulated with gentle yet powerful ingredients that effectively remove dirt, bacteria, and viruses while keeping your hands moisturized and hydrated.

4. Can I make my own zero waste hand soap at home?

Absolutely! Making your own zero-waste hand soap at home is a fun and eco-friendly alternative. There are numerous DIY recipes available online using simple ingredients like castile soap, essential oils, and carrier oils. By making your own soap, you have full control over what goes into it and can customize it according to your preferences.