Eco-Friendly Dust Control Solutions: 2023 Guide

eco friendly dust control

Struggling with dust issues at your worksite or property? You’re not alone. Recent studies have shown that fugitive dust is more than a nuisance, it’s a serious environmental and health concern.

This blog post will guide you through some sustainable and non-toxic solutions to effectively control dust. Let’s dive into the world of eco-friendly dust control measures!

Friendly note: this article is not about eco friendly dust control methods for around the house. Check out Journey to Conscious Living for more information.

Key Takeaways

  • Eco – friendly dust control solutions are essential for public health and ecosystem safety, as fugitive dust can lead to severe health problems and ecological disruptions.
  • EnviroKleen® is a revolutionary synthetic organic dust control product that efficiently captures and binds dust particles while complying with strict environmental standards.
  • The KleenBinder system offers durable adhesion properties, reducing the escape of fugitive dust and enhancing road durability.
  • GES-Dustless® is a non-toxic organic solution that effectively controls dust without water usage, making it safe for humans, animals, marine life, and plants.

The Need for Sustainable Dust Control Solutions

Dust control is not merely a nod to tidiness. In reality, it’s an essential aspect of public health and ecosystem safety. Traditional dust control methods often involve heavy water usage, contributing to resource depletion and pollution concerns.

With increasing global environmental awareness coupled with stricter regulations from the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and Bureau de normalisation du Quebec (BNQ), there’s potent emphasis on implementing sustainable dust control measures.

Fugitive dust—uncontained particles floating in the air—from unpaved roads, construction sites, mining areas or quarries can lead to severe health problems if inhaled. This is especially true for PM10 and PM2.5 levels—the tiny particulate matter capable of reaching deep into our lungs even without us noticing them right away.

Moreover, this relentless dust also contributes substantially to poor visibility at worksites or driving surfaces posing serious road safety risks.

In addition, these airborne particles can settle on plants inhibiting their ability to photosynthesize effectively—an indirect but significant ecological impact that could disrupt local biodiversity over time.

Therefore, it’s pivotal that we turn towards eco-friendly solutions like EnviroKleen® which apart from being highly effective also complies with stringent environmental standards set forth by various agencies including the Clean Water Act and National Pollution Discharge Elimination System.

Eco-Friendly Dust Control Methods

There are several eco-friendly dust control methods available, including EnviroKleen®, the KleenBinder system, and GES-Dustless®.

EnviroKleen®: An Effective and Green Solution

Introducing EnviroKleen® – a revolutionary, eco-friendly dust control solution that changes the game in sustainable and non-toxic methods. Recognized as the world’s first Synthetic Organic Dust Control® product, it revolutionizes how we handle fugitive dust.

Thanks to powerful adhesive properties and an extremely high viscosity in its KleenBinder system, EnviroKleen efficiently captures dust and fines, binding them securely into surface aggregate.

The effectiveness of this green solution extends beyond surface-level application. Its synthetic fluid is designed to permeate unpaved surfaces deep into individual soil particles for long-lasting results that are immune to water displacement.

But what sets EnviroKleen apart isn’t just its innovative technology or impressive performance; it’s also the stamp of approval from some of the most prestigious environmental agencies including US EPA, USGS, and BNQ.

Not only does using EnviroKleen contribute significantly towards preserving air quality and enhancing worksite visibility but also conserves resources like water and energy through its eco-friendly formulation.

It proudly flaunts independent environmental certifications for being safe on our surroundings conforming to Clean Water Act requirements and National Pollution Discharge Elimination System regulations.

With effective road protection achievements under its belt coupled with fines preservation benefits – it’s no wonder why consumers find an ally in this efficient yet environment-conscious product when they seek solutions for their dust control problems.

The KleenBinder System: A Game Changer in Dust Control

Transforming the face of dust control is the KleenBinder system. This innovative technology has been proven to lock in surface fines, significantly reducing the escape of fugitive dust that can affect air quality and road safety.

The game-changing approach not only enhances visibility at worksites but also boosts road durability by preventing potholes, rutting, and further erosion. Often touted as a vital part of Midwest Industrial Supply’s successful soil stabilization efforts, it offers potent adhesion properties and durable cohesive force for long-lasting results.

Moreover, this eco-friendly solution complies with state departments’ stringent environmental certifications ensuring an environmentally safe yet effective method against potential dust control problems on construction sites or unpaved roads.

GES-Dustless®: A Non-toxic Organic Method

GES-Dustless® is a remarkable non-toxic organic method for effective dust control. This ready-to-use solution is powerful, safe for humans, animals, marine life, and plants. Unlike other products, GES-Dustless® doesn’t require water and won’t dry out.

It’s clear and odorless, making it an ideal choice for various applications such as construction sites, unpaved roads, gravel parking lots, mining sites, and quarries. With GES-Dustless®, you can say goodbye to dusty conditions that pose health risks and hamper visibility on worksites or roadways.

Plus, this innovative solution is environmentally friendly and long-lasting – reapplication needs are significantly reduced thanks to its low usage rate. Experience the benefits of GES-Dustless® – a safe and effective way to eliminate dust without harming people or the environment.

Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Dust Control Solutions

Using eco-friendly dust control solutions offers numerous benefits: improved health and safety, enhanced road durability, and cost-effective and long-lasting results. Read on to learn more about how these sustainable methods can make a positive difference.

Improved Health and Safety

When it comes to dust control solutions, choosing eco-friendly options not only benefits the environment but also contributes to improved health and safety. One such solution is EnviroKleen®, the world’s first Synthetic Organic Dust Control® product.

Unlike traditional methods that rely on harmful chemicals or toxic substances, EnviroKleen® is safe for both humans and the natural environment.

By using EnviroKleen®, you can reduce exposure to harmful particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5 levels), which can lead to respiratory problems and other health issues. This eco-friendly solution helps improve air quality by minimizing fugitive dust, making worksites safer and enhancing visibility on roads.

Moreover, EnviroKleen® has been certified by reputable environmental agencies like the US EPA, USGS, and BNQ, ensuring its efficacy in protecting both people and ecosystems.

In addition to safeguarding your well-being, choosing an eco-friendly dust control method like EnviroKleen® also reduces maintenance requirements for driving surfaces. With increased surface life thanks to this revolutionary product, you’ll spend less time on repairs and replacements while enjoying long-lasting results.

Enhanced Road Durability

Using eco-friendly dust control solutions can significantly enhance road durability. When roads are constantly exposed to dust, they become more susceptible to erosion, rutting, and potholes.

EnviroKleen®, for example, is a synthetic organic binder system that penetrates unpaved surfaces and binds them together. This not only prevents dust from being dispersed into the air but also strengthens the structural integrity of the road itself.

By using sustainable dust control methods like EnviroKleen®, you can ensure that your roads stay durable and require less ongoing maintenance in the long run. Plus, these eco-friendly solutions are safe for the environment and have been certified by reputable agencies such as the US EPA and BNQ.

Cost-Effective and Long-Lasting Results

When it comes to dust control solutions, not only do you want something that is eco-friendly and safe for the environment, but you also want a solution that provides cost-effective and long-lasting results.

That’s where EnviroKleen® comes in. This synthetic organic dust control product is designed to penetrate unpaved surfaces and permeate deep into individual aggregate and soil particles, offering superior durability.

By using EnviroKleen®, you can significantly reduce the need for frequent maintenance and material replacement, ultimately saving you time and money.

What sets EnviroKleen® apart from other products on the market is its long-lasting performance. Unlike traditional methods that require constant reapplication, this solution stays effective for an extended period of time, reducing your overall costs in the long run.

Additionally, by controlling PM10 and PM2.5 levels from open fugitive dust sources, EnviroKleen® helps improve air quality while providing excellent worksite visibility to enhance safety.

It’s important to note that Midwest Industrial Supply’s erosion control program using EnviroKleen® has been proven to reduce dust and erosion between 80-95%. Plus, with certifications from reputable environmental agencies such as the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), USGS (United States Geological Survey), and BNQ (Bureau de normalisation de Quebec), you can trust that this product meets rigorous standards for environmental protection.


In conclusion, when it comes to dust control solutions, going eco-friendly is not only the right choice for the environment but also for your health and safety. With products like EnviroKleen® and GES-Dustless®, you can achieve effective dust suppression without compromising on sustainability or toxicity.

These innovative solutions offer long-lasting results, improved road durability, and cost-effectiveness. So why settle for harmful chemicals when there are sustainable options available? Choose eco-friendly dust control methods and contribute to a cleaner and safer world.


1. What are eco-friendly dust control solutions?

Eco-friendly dust control solutions refer to methods and products that help manage and minimize dust without causing harm to the environment or human health. These solutions often involve using natural ingredients or sustainable practices to eliminate or reduce airborne particles.

2. How can I implement sustainable dust control methods?

To implement sustainable dust control methods, consider utilizing environmentally friendly alternatives such as vegetative cover, windbreaks, or erosion controls that prevent soil disturbance. Additionally, implementing proper maintenance practices and using non-toxic dust suppressants can help minimize the impact on the environment.

3. Are eco-friendly dust control solutions effective?

Yes, eco-friendly dust control solutions can be highly effective in managing and reducing dust levels. With advancements in technology and research, there are now numerous sustainable methods available that provide efficient results without compromising environmental sustainability.