Eco-friendly Business Cards [2023 Guide]

Eco-friendly Business Cards

Eco-friendly business cards are made of carrier material in renewable plastic, wood, cotton, or highly degradable paper. These materials guarantee that the disposal of these cards has a minimal impact on the environment. Eco-friendly business cards do not compromise on quality and are made to offer you impressive durability. They are great value products with unique designs that help you attract more clients and create networks in a more environmentally conscious manner.

Another essential feature that characterizes eco-friendly business cards is the use of ‘green ink.’ Some examples of eco-friendly ink used in making eco-friendly business cards today include soy-based ink and petroleum-based ink. Soy-based ink is preferred to petroleum-based ink because they tend to release less volatile organic compounds.

Research shows that almost 88% of all business cards given out are tossed away within a week. This means that if the business cards are not eco-friendly, the amount of paper waste that will accumulate in our environment would be highly detrimental to its sustainability.

This statistic, therefore, illustrates just how much adopting the use of eco-friendly business cards is essential. It is because regular dumping of business cards into the environment greatly contributes to high levels of pollution.

Where To Buy Eco-Friendly Business Cards?


It is a platform based in the United Kingdom that offers you a variety of eco-friendly business cards made and sold by different vendors. Their eco-friendly business cards are made from 100% recycled materials and can be printed on both sides, so they look just as good as traditional ones but have a lower environmental impact.

The beeco platform offers eco-friendly business cards such as the Vistaprint Custom Recycled Matte Business Card, Tree-Free Business Card from Moo, Daydreaming DayZ Eco-friendly Round Business Cards, the Kraft Business Card, and the Plastic Card People Business Card.


Etsy is a global marketplace that offers you eco-friendly business cards from various vendors. It has some of the best eco-friendly business cards, including Custom Die Cut Business Cards, Kraft Brown Eco-friendly Business Cards, Wooden Veneer Business Cards, Seed Paper Plantable Business Card, etc. There are many wonderful designs and deals of eco-friendly business cards to be enjoyed from the Esty website.

Pixart Printing

This platform offers you a variety of eco-friendly business cards that you can purchase. These business cards have been expertly made out of classic recycled paper that consists of 100% recycled fiber or underwood paper. They’re also available in different shapes and sizes for all your needs.


The Amazon platform sells a variety of eco-friendly business cards from various vendors found on its website. An example is the Devraaj Eco-friendly White Seed Paper Business Cards by the Devraaj brand that comes in a bundle of 250 business cards.

Why You Should Use Eco-Friendly Business Cards 

1. It Reduces Paper Waste

The number one reason you should use eco-friendly cards is that people can significantly minimize the waste arising out of business cards disposed of. This is because eco-friendly business cards are made of recyclable materials that make them biodegrade fast when they are disposed of.

2. They Are High-Quality Cards

Eco-friendly business cards have a high quality and are durable. This allows you to enjoy massive cost savings. You will not need to produce business cards frequently for your prospects.

3. Eco-Friendly Business Cards Are “Customer Magnets.”

Another key reason you should use eco-friendly business cards is that you boost the sustainability of your business by attracting more customers on board. This is especially important in a situation where your prospective customers hold ‘green’ companies in high regard.

4. Eco-Friendly Business Cards Can Help You Get More Investors for Your Business

Getting more investors for your business becomes easier when you use eco-friendly business cards. This is because people are usually more inclined to be associated with ventures that concern the environment. Therefore, investors will be more likely to inject capital into an environmentally-conscious business.

5. Eco-Friendly Business Cards Can Boost Your Brand Reputation

If you are still mulling on why you should use eco-friendly business cards, you should know that they have a ripple effect on your brand reputation. Using eco-friendly business cards displays utmost concern for the well-being of the environment. Your peers in your industry and your potential customers in the market will perceive your business as more credible.

How Eco-Friendly Business Cards Are Made

Selection of the type of paper comes first

The first step in our process of making eco-friendly business cards is to select the type of paper. The best eco-friendly business cards will require paper stock made of cotton, recycled paper, wood, or renewable plastic. For the best business card, use thick paper cardstock.

This will go a long way in creating a sense of credibility due to people perceiving your eco-friendly business card as having a high quality.

Choose the shape you want for your eco-friendly business card

The next step is to settle for a shape that is most suitable for you and your business. You can select from the standard rectangular shape or select other “out-of-the-box” ideas for the form of your business card. Shaping your eco-friendly business card involves a die-cutting process that lets you cut out any shape you desire.

For the more adventurous people, you can make your eco-friendly business card with round corners. These unique types of business cards have soared in popularity.

The bottom line is that you have the freedom to choose any shape you wish as long as it does not take away from the message that you are trying to convey. In addition, you should cut out your eco-friendly business card into a shape that will not pose challenges when you are trying to put it into a pocket or wallet.

Choose the most appropriate size and color for your eco-friendly business card

After selecting your desired shape, decide on the size. Different countries usually have different requirements when it comes to the dimensions of business cards. For example, in the United States and Canada, a size of 3.5” x 2” while in the United Kingdom, approximately 3.346” x 2.165” is preferred.

The color you choose for your eco-friendly business card depends on the message you wish to convey about your brand personality. For example, you can use bright colors if you want people to perceive your brand as fun and lively. On the other hand, you can select colors like black to convey professionalism.  

Select your desired visual elements

After that, the next step involves selecting the logo. It is highly recommended that one side of the business card be dedicated to the logo. The second side can be used to display all vital contact information exclusively. However, some people prefer having the logo on both sides. It is, therefore, a personal preference of how you’d like your eco-friendly business card to look.

When making business cards, one crucial thing to remember is the existence of empty or white space. Some people would not have a problem with the white space on their eco-friendly business cards. However, others do not find it appealing.

If you are making an eco-friendly business card for a customer who dislikes having white space, you can fill it with attractive graphics to add to the overall aesthetics of the business card.

Choosing the most appropriate text follows

The next step involved in making your eco-friendly business card is selecting the most appropriate text. The essential information you can include on your eco-friendly business card is your name, title, and company name. The designer can also use contact information like email addresses, physical addresses, and social media accounts.

The designer of your eco-friendly business card will also use the typography of your choice. The most important tip to remember here is that the typography you desire the designer to use for your business card needs to be highly legible. Eight point font is recommended.

Choosing a type of font that will not ‘hurt’ your readers’ eyes is wise. The style should not be too funky because this will convey unprofessionalism in some way.

Sans-serif is the most recommended font that a designer should use in making your eco-friendly business card. It is both eye-catching and projects a level of professionalism. Your eco-friendly business card should be an extension of your personality.

Select your most preferred finish and special effects

How about finishes? You can use special effects on your eco-friendly business card to enhance its appeal and create a lasting impression on your prospects.

Your designer can use the embossing technique. Here, the designer can draw attention to specific regions of your eco-friendly business card as per your instructions. They can do this by applying the special effects that make other areas of your card adopt an “in your face” appeal as others remain subtle.

Another form of special effect is engraving. Here, the paper stock making your eco-friendly business card is pressed down during the inking process. This is a beautiful way of making the design and text used on your business card stand out.

Applying foil stamping presents another technique of adding “gloss” to your eco-friendly business card. This process involves using material like tin foil to “liven” up the images and text.

However, these processes of applying special effects on your eco-friendly business card should not be overdone. This is because it will make the overall production process costlier. In addition, flashy finishing on your card will also take away from the areas your prospects should focus on: the text, graphics, and contact information.

Choose to hire the services of a professional designer. They come with the right skills, techniques, and experience to give you the most professional-looking, eco-friendly business card.

What To Look for When Buying Business Cards


Size is one crucial aspect that will determine the business cards that you go for. The best business cards are those that can fit in a pocket or wallet yet still offer enough space for essential information to be printed on them. As an illustration, the standard size of a business card in the United States is just 3.5 by 2 inches.


The pricing of business cards is also another vital factor that dictates which business cards people go for. Most people will tend to go for business cards with competitive prices. These are business cards that do not necessarily have a cheap appeal.

Good business cards strike a good balance between quality and cost to buyers. The pricing structures that printing companies use in pricing their business cards often take the form of rates. For example, you will find that business cards are offered at a rate of $10 for 100 cards.

The pricing will vary from one vendor to the other. The cost of the production process will influence the differences in the prices of eco-friendly business cards. 

If the total production costs of vendor X and vendor Y are $3 and $5, respectively, vendor Y will end up having higher prices for its eco-friendly business cards. 


The shape of business cards can also influence you to settle for one business card over another. The most common shape option for many people is horizontal, rectangular business cards. However, others have increasingly shifted from these business cards to adopting more unorthodox and unique business card shapes such as vertical business cards.

Font Legibility

Legibility of font(s) used to print the business card is also essential. It is wise to go for a simple font that is not too small. This will allow people to read the information on the business card very quickly.

The Thickness of Paper and The Finishing

Most people will go for business cards that are made of good quality paper and excellent finishing. Business cards made of thick and recyclable paper and topped up with finishing techniques such as foil blocking are vital elements that make a business card more aesthetically appealing.

Business cards with a ‘heavier weight’ are popular with many people. A thick coating is one standout feature that characterizes the best business cards. This is essential in giving the card a sense of credibility.

In addition, the ‘heavy’ feel of the card will add to its durability. Globally, the 80-pound cardstock is the most standard and most common weight of a business card.


Color is also a defining factor that can make one business card a better option than the other. Remember, the more colors present on a business card, the more expensive the business card is. So most people go for the standard, two-colored business cards.

However, you have a choice of going for more colors depending on your budget.

Best Eco-Friendly Business Cards 

The best eco-friendly business cards are sustainable and have equally great designs.

They include:

The Vistaprint Custom Recycled Matte Business Cards

The Vistaprint Custom Recycled Matte Business Cards are made of environmentally conscious, 100% recycled paper. The soft colors, little contrast, and absence of glare on these business cards make them very appealing.

Moo’s ‘Tree-Free’ Business Card

This business card is made of tree-free paper that is made from cotton. This tree-free paper has a soft texture that is not only durable but also lightweight. The cotton is derived from pieces of recycled t-shirts. The Moo’s ‘Tree-Free’ Business Card can be found in a traditional 8.4 by 5.5 cm rectangular shape or a square 6.5 by 6.5 cm. It has an uncoated matte finish.

Vistaprint Kraft Business Card

The Vistaprint Kraft Business Card is found both in the usual standard shape and a square shape. The square card measures 6.5 by 6.5 cm, while the rectangular shape measures 8.5 by 5.5 cm. This business card is made from recycled paper, and a coarse texture characterizes its surface due to the natural fibers of the paper.

The Vistaprint Kraft Business Card has an uncoated finish and a simple design that makes it very easy to customize in terms of color. In addition, the Vistaprint Business Card is relatively light.

Green Lemming Recycled Mini Business Cards with Rounded Corners

The Green Lemming Recycled Mini Business Cards with Rounded Corners come in just the perfect size to allow a perfect fit into the pockets of your trousers and wallet. It has rounded corners that make it unique from several eco-friendly business cards in the market.


Eco-friendly business cards are biodegradable and are essential in reducing paper waste in the environment. Therefore, they are very valuable in the global efforts of combating environmental pollution. Many businesses are therefore increasingly using eco-friendly business cards.

Promoting sustainability has also led to the growth of many companies that manufacture eco-friendly business cards. Eco-friendly business cards will still allow you to attract more business prospects while being conscious of the well-being of our environment. 

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