Eco-Friendly Badge Holders: Benefits in 2023

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Introduction to Eco-Friendly Badge Holders

Looking for an ID solution that aligns with your commitment to sustainability? Eco-friendly badge holders are here to save the day! Made from EVA, a material free from PVC, BPA and phthalates, these badge holders offer a green alternative without compromising usability.

Delve into this article to discover why eco-friendly badge holders are beneficial for both you and our planet. Ready to go green?.

Key Takeaways

  • Eco-friendly badge holders are made from PVC, BPA, and phthalates-free materials like Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA), making them safer for the environment and individuals.
  • These badge holders have a positive environmental impact by reducing waste and dependence on non-renewable resources.
  • Using eco-friendly badge holders is cost-effective, with affordable prices starting at 31¢ per holder and the option for bulk ordering.

What Makes a Badge Holder Eco-Friendly?

Eco-friendly badge holders are made from PVC, BPA, and phthalates-free material called EVA.

Materials Used

In crafting eco-friendly badge holders, the choice of material is essential. They are typically made from Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA), a safe and sustainable alternative to standard PVC.

This makes them free from harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalates. The clear vinyl used in these holders ensures easy visibility of ID cards while contributing to environmental safeguards.

Each holder is designed for longevity, reducing waste by offering a durable solution that stands up to regular use – an important aspect of any sustainable product. Furthermore, customization options allow organizations to brand their badge holders without compromising on environmentally friendly principles.

Manufacturing Process

The genesis of an eco-friendly badge holder begins with the use of environmentally conscious materials. Typically, these badges are fashioned from EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate), a BPA and phthalates-free substitute to standard PVC.

This Ethyl Vinyl Acetate material forms the primary ingredient in our PureClear Eco-friendly Badge Holders and Black Rigid NextLife Compostable Badge Holder.

In committing to green manufacturing practices, we eschew all phthalates or DOP in the creation process. Instead, each Clear Earth-Friendly Vinyl badge is produced using safe substances that reduce environmental impact without compromising on quality or durability.

Reassuringly, every pack contains 100 units of this product type so you can enjoy cost-effective bulk purchases for your ID needs while supporting sustainable solutions.

The Importance of Sustainable ID Solutions

Sustainable ID solutions like eco-friendly badge holders and ID cards are essential in our contemporary, environmentally conscious society. They minimize waste, reduce the reliance on non-renewable resources, and present an image of corporate responsibility to clients and partners.

By using Eco-Friendly Badge Holders from brands like AlphaCard or Datacard Printers with CR80 bioPVC Cards instead of standard PVC options, you’re taking a substantial step towards promoting sustainable practices.

Not only do these badges utilize earth-friendly materials such as phthalates-free EVA—an alternative to PVC with no BPA—but their production process also leaves lesser environmental footprints.

With products sold in packs of 100 at affordable prices ranging from $23 to $29.99 per pack, businesses not only benefit from being environmentally responsible but also enjoy cost savings too.

Plus, free shipping on all orders over $99 by ID Card Group adds extra value for consumers seeking out green solutions for their ID needs.

Key Features of Eco-Friendly Badge Holders

Eco-friendly badge holders come with a variety of key features, including different attachment styles and customization options to suit your ID needs.

Attachment Styles

Eco-friendly badge holders offer a variety of attachment styles to suit your needs. Here are some options to consider:

  • Badge Clips: These badge holders come with sturdy clip attachments that can easily fasten to clothing or accessories. They provide a secure hold without causing damage.
  • Lanyards: Eco-friendly badge holders can also be used with lanyards, which are available in various materials like bamboo, recycled PET, or organic cotton. They offer a convenient way to wear your ID card around your neck.
  • Neck Chain Lanyards: For a more traditional option, there are eco-friendly badge holders designed to work with neck chain lanyards. These allow for easy display and access to your ID card.
  • Strap Clips: If you prefer a more versatile option, strap clips can be attached to the eco-friendly badge holders. These clips have a metal bulldog-style closure that securely holds your ID card.
  • Standard Slot & Chain Holes: Many eco-friendly badge holders feature standard slot and chain holes, providing flexibility in terms of attachment options. You can use them with retractable badge reels or other custom solutions.

Customization Options

Personalize your ID solutions with a range of customization options for eco-friendly badge holders. Choose from a variety of colors, logos, and organization names to make your badges uniquely yours. Here are the customization options available:

  1. Color Options: Select from a wide range of vibrant colors to match your branding or organizational theme. Stand out with bold hues or opt for more subtle tones.
  2. Logo Placement: Showcase your company logo or event emblem by adding it to the badge holder. This allows for instant recognition and professional branding.
  3. Organization Name: Customize your badge holders with the name of your organization or event. This helps to establish a sense of identity and reinforces brand awareness.
  4. Font Style and Size: Make your badge holders visually appealing by choosing from different font styles and sizes for text elements such as names, titles, or event details.
  5. Additional Text Fields: Add extra information on the badge holder, such as job titles, contact information, or security details. This provides added functionality and ensures all necessary information is easily accessible.
  6. Artwork or Design Elements: Get creative with custom artwork or design elements that reflect your organization’s personality or event theme. From icons to patterns, let your imagination run wild.
  7. Variable Data Printing: Tailor each badge with unique information using variable data printing capabilities. This includes individual names, employee identification numbers, or sequential numbering for tracking purposes.

The Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Badge Holders

Using eco-friendly badge holders offers several benefits. These badge holders are made from PVC, BPA, and phthalates-free materials, making them safer for both the environment and individuals.

Additionally, they come in various sizes and orientations to fit different ID cards or event badges. The affordable price starting at 31¢ per holder makes them a cost-effective choice for businesses or organizations.

Moreover, purchasing eco-friendly badge holders shows a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Environmental Impact

Eco-friendly badge holders have a positive environmental impact, making them a smart choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. These badge holders are made from phthalates-free materials, which means they don’t release harmful chemicals into the environment.

Additionally, they are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional PVC holders. Made from clear vinyl composed of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), these badge holders not only eliminate the use of PVC but also reduce dependence on non-renewable resources.

By choosing eco-friendly badge holders, you can contribute to a greener future while still ensuring your ID needs are met in a sustainable and responsible way.

Cost Effectiveness

Using eco-friendly badge holders can provide cost effectiveness for sustainable ID solutions. These badge holders are not only better for the environment, but they also offer long-term savings for consumers.

Made from phthalates-free materials, these badge holders eliminate the need for harmful chemicals while still maintaining durability and functionality. Additionally, customers have the option to purchase these eco-friendly badge holders in packs of 100, allowing for bulk ordering and potential cost savings.

With prices ranging from $23 to $29.99 per pack, these eco-friendly options are a budget-friendly choice compared to traditional badge holders. ID Card Group even offers a price match guarantee, ensuring customers receive the best price possible.

Conclusion: Investing in Sustainable Solutions for Your ID Needs

In conclusion, choosing eco-friendly badge holders for your ID needs is not only a smart move, but also an environmentally responsible one. These badge holders are made from PVC-free and phthalate-free materials, reducing the harmful impact on the planet.

By investing in sustainable solutions like these, you can make a positive contribution to creating a greener future while still meeting your identification requirements. So why wait? Make the switch to eco-friendly badge holders today and join the movement towards a more sustainable world!


1. What are eco-friendly badge holders?

Eco-friendly badge holders are ID card holders that are made from environmentally friendly materials such as recycled or renewable resources, biodegradable materials, or low-impact alternatives to traditional plastics.

2. What are the benefits of using eco-friendly badge holders?

Using eco-friendly badge holders helps reduce waste and minimize the negative environmental impact associated with traditional plastic badge holders. They can also contribute to a company’s sustainability goals and promote an image of corporate responsibility.

3. Are eco-friendly badge holders durable and long-lasting?

Yes, many eco-friendly badge holder options are designed to be just as durable and long-lasting as their traditional counterparts. They can withstand normal wear and tear while providing secure protection for ID cards.

4. Where can I find eco-friendly badge holders for sustainable ID solutions?

There are various suppliers and manufacturers that offer eco-friendly badge holder options online. By conducting a simple search, you can find a range of choices made from sustainable materials to suit your specific needs for ID solutions while minimizing environmental impact. Check out Etsy for customizable solutions!